Camping in Grand Canyon

If you are planning to camp in Grand Canyon that sounds awesome. Reservations recommended if you are planning to visit in this month. Grand Canyon amazes us through its immense size. Geologically its unique color and erosional forms decorate a canyon that is 277 miles long, 18 miles wide and 1.6 km deep. You can go for camping in south rim throughout the year but north rim is closed during winter season. Mather campground is ideal place for camping. You can park your vehicle nearby. Reservations can be made up to 6 months in advance also. You can reserve your area through the National Recreation Reservation Services.

During the winter season the reservation office will be closed and no online reservations can be made.  Registration is first come and first serve using the pay machine from the entrance of the camping site.

Getting a Permit:

To camp below the rim you need to get a permit from the authority. You can get backcountry permit from the National Park Service. The backcountry is the main office which will give you permit and reserve your campsite if available. All you need to do is submit the request form to get a permit;

  1. Submit request the Backcountry Information Office, located inside the park, in South Rim and North Rim.
  2. The Backcountry Information Office is open daily, for walk-in visitors, from 8pm to noon, 1-5 Mountain Standard Time.
  3. You can fax your request on this number; 928-638-2125.
  4. You can send fax at anytime, it is open 24/7.
  5. Telephone and email requests are not accepted.
  6. You can also mail your request on this address;

Grand Canyon National Park, Permits Office, 1824 S, Thompson St., Suite 201, Flagstaff AZ, 86001.

The South Rim is the most popular part of National Park in Grand Canyon. It is popular in outdoor enthusiasts because of the remoteness of the area. It has a short May to Oct season, frankly people love to stay outside to see stars in a campsite rather staying in hotels.  Always remember try to get a permit in person. Apply in advance is recommended because small number of permits are available for the same day. After getting the approval from Backcountry Office, you need to pay $10 for permit, $5 per person for night camping, you can stay for two consecutive nights and $5 per group to stay at night.

If you are camping first time in Grand Canyon, spend few nights at Bright Angel or Indian Garden campground. This campground can be accessed by Kaibab Trail. These campgrounds have;

  1. Restrooms
  2. Established Campsites
  3. Treated drinkable water
  4. Food storage canisters
  5. Frequently staffed by helpful rangers.

In North Rim, there is small campsite called Cottonwood Campground. Bright Angel Creek has a place to cool and refresh yourself and get wet in summer. You can go on day hike from this point; nearby hike destinations are Roaring Springs, Ribbon Falls and Manzanita Canyon.

Always remember that Grand Canyon is located in the remote area. You should be careful while staying in an open area.

Safety Points:

Here we are going to discuss few safety points;

  1. You should have extra key of the car, in case of loss. You can’t wait for the locksmith.
  2. Camera film is available on both rims.
  3. You can find an automobile mechanic but it can be delayed for parts.
  4. You can not visit the whole place in one day on your personal vehicle.
  5. Helicopter tours are helpful if you want to see every part of the Canyon.
  6. Carry water bottles in your bag packs especially in summer.
  7. Cell phone services are limited, only available in park premises.

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